Biggest Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant

February 19, 2021


Melissa Giroux


If you are a business owner, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed or short on time too often. Sometimes it can seem there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything you want!

A Virtual Assistant can help solve that problem. You can delegate tasks to your Virtual Assistant (VA), giving you more time to focus on other parts of your business. Outsourcing a job, no matter how big or small, allows clients to focus on what they do best and let a VA do the rest.

Whether you are looking to hire a Virtual Assistant or if you are a Virtual Assistant wondering how to sell yourself to potential clients, read on to find out the benefits of having a virtual assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

You might have heard the term, but you still don’t really know – what is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants offer a range of services. They provide administrative, creative, and technical support services for your business.

Some of the most common tasks include:

…The list goes on and on!

Depending on the client’s industry, there are so many other things a VA can help with.

How do Virtual Assistants work?

Virtual Assistants work remotely as an independent contractor. There are a few options for how a VA can offer their services.  

You can pay a Virtual Assistant by the hour, or a VA may offer a bundle of hours that can be used over the month. Virtual Assistants can also charge per project; for example, they will have a flat fee for writing a blog post or creating a website. Lastly, some VAs will offer packages, such as a social media package or a website maintenance package, that will also be charged as a flat fee, but you will get a variety of services in one.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant

Without further ado, let’s talk about the advantages of virtual assistants and what it means for your business.

A VA makes your life easier

Most businesses have some sort of online presence, and this is only increasing. From social media pages to email to websites – businesses are constantly migrating into the online space. With more happening online, there is an increased need for digital help!

A client may be great with email marketing but not so great with social media – that is an excellent opportunity for a VA. A Virtual Assistant can make your life easier by providing services in fields that you don’t have a lot of knowledge or don’t have time for. This helps the client balance their workload – making their life easier.

A VA saves you time and money

Business owners get to focus on essential parts of their business while a Virtual Assistant takes care of other tasks. For example, if a client has a huge project coming up for a potential business opportunity, the client is not going to be focusing on managing their Facebook group or updating their blog because of the opportunity at stake. This is an excellent example of how a VA can help!

The Virtual Assistant can take over your daily tasks or smaller projects, saving you time and allowing you to focus on what’s important.

Since a VA is self-employed, they cover all of their own costs. All of the expenses you would pay for a full-time employee, such as health care, office space, laptops, vacation days, etc. – you don’t have to worry about!

Furthermore, you are only paying for the work a VA does. In a traditional office space, with a 9-5 job, employees will naturally take breaks, check their phones, get lunch, etc. A Virtual Assistant will, of course, do all of these things (we are only human after all), but you are only paying them for the work they do.

A VA gives you more free time for your personal life

While a Virtual Assistant saves you time with tasks in your business, they also free up time in your personal life. If you’ve started your own business, you know how much you care for it. It’s like your child – you put a lot of time, effort, and money into building it, so of course, you’re going to dedicate a lot of time to it.

Once you find that VA that you can trust with your business, it will allow you to enjoy more time with your family, friends, or that much needed you time. When is the last time you took a vacation? Or even a day off?

A VA can be an expert in the field

Most Virtual Assistants will offer a few services they excel in, so you know you’re getting someone with expert knowledge in the field. We can’t be good at everything, so there might be a part of your business you are struggling with or trying to perfect. This is where you can hire a VA who is excellent in that field and let them do the work!

Once you find that VA that connects well with your business, it will give you confidence when handing off tasks that you have an expert handling the work.

A VA allows you to provide more coverage

If you are looking to hire a Virtual Assistant to help with customer support or troubleshooting, you can hire a VA from another timezone, so you cover all bases. Having someone available around the clock to support your customers is a great selling point for a business.

Are you ready to hire a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant will help save you time, money, and stress. Plus, you’ll gain a new perspective on your business and any issues that may come along.

As the digital space continues to grow, there will continue to be new ways to promote and expand your business online. If you feel overwhelmed, short on time, or just need an extra hand, hiring a Virtual Assistant will help you address these issues.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Melissa Giroux

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