The Story of Casablanca Connect

Cut from familiar cloth– Casablanca Connect was developed due to the success experienced within creating our first connection. The founder of Casablanca Connect discovered the the potential contracting his first virtual assistant. In the years to follow growth as an artist and entrepreneur led to many interested friends and peers. Within the results gained from this radical change made in productivity, physical and mental health, and having more availability to spend time doing things loved, it was no containable secret. As the opportunity presented itself to help others the need for Casablanca Connect was met.

How We Do It

Identify & Pre-Screen

The best way to gain the requisite information for us to piece together a detailed profile about your unique needs is to complete the Casablanca Connect Client Survey (or Casablanca Connect Client Survey for Musical Artists). We provide pre-screen interviews and check the backgrounds of our applicants before advancing them for your consideration.

Recruit & Intake

We ask questions specific to our primary service categories (organizational/administrative, marketing, social media marketing, web design/programming, digital design, and more) to compare to our applicant pool. Matching up skills and practices, applications proficiencies, network and technological requirements, we are able to align applicants most suited to fulfill your needs.

Interview & Assign

Client Care Specialists work directly with you interviewing candidates until the perfect match is met. Most often this process takes no more than one week.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who are your services typically for?
Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Pros, Musicians/ Entertainment Industry, Executives, Educators, Attorneys, Sales Teams, Consultant, Photographer and Media Pros, Personal Assistants, and very likely, you.
Where are the virtual assistants?
We are currently contracting professionals exclusively from the Philippines having found advantages within language proficiencies, generally high work-ethic, family and community values, and more.
How are the rates set below US minimum wage?
Due to the high value of USD and many other currencies we are able to provide above market-average contracted rates (above the Philippines' national average of school teacher or nurse) for virtual assistants while providing affordable services.
What are some challenges associated with contracting remotely?
Although there are various tasks which must be completed physically our recent global pandemic has provided that even when we stay home the world must go on. Most tasks can be completed remotely with ease. Natural occurrences can be a factor; however, with proper planning we find this to be a minimal impact.
Why not contract or hire locally?
For many of us this is not an affordable solution. Also, when resources are stretched thin it is often it would be those contracted or hired who would be hurt the most. By contracting abroad we are able to provide great compensation to empower our virtual assistants as well as offering a service to many more people worldwide.
Is my information secure with my virtual assistant?
Yes, we have invested time and research in outlining different standards of practice for a safe and secure professional experience making sure you are in control of your privacy.
Can I change my assistant or contract multiple?
Of course, you are only obligated week to week and may reassign at the end of any week. You may contact us for any solutions you may be seeking for contracting enterprise solutions. We will work with you to structure your team as needed.
What level of education and training do virtual assistants have?
Most virtual assistants we contract have BA or AA degrees with various skill and experience. We generate all of this information within our candidate profiles provided to you after learning more about you.

Music & Entertainment Specialized

From our very first Client and our team has been serving members of the music and entertainment industry. Our services today are no exception. We pride ourselves in being the foremost experienced agency serving music and entertainment clients from serving nationally recognized musical artist managers with multiple clients, to up-and-coming artists and producers looking to take the next steps in their career. See more about out specialized music and entertainment services below.

Our Services & Project Availability

Our focus is to serve our you as our Client with the highest level of care and quality. We do offer our full suite virtual assistance packages as well as single- services for most of our specialties subject to availability. Please feel free to reach out to contact us for any solutions you may be looking to accomplish or take our survey to see where you may benefit from our services. Of course, we will do our best to meet your needs or help you navigate to the best solution.

Services Generally Offered:
Accounts Payable & Receivable, Application Development, Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Computerized Payroll Tax, Contact List Management, Copywriting, Creating & Managing Web Ads, Custom Website Development, Direct Mail & Email Solutions, Electronic Press Releases & Digital Resumes, Email & Phone Correspondence, Email List Design & Management, Generating Documents and Spreadsheets, Livestream Coordination, Managing and Delegating Responsibilities, Motion Graphics & Animations, Organizing Events & Conferences, Scheduling Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Layout Design, Social Media Management, Statement Reconciliation, Telemarketing, Travel & Booking Arrangements.  

Specialized Music & Entertainment Services: Audio CD Manufacturing & Distribution (Drop Shipping Solution at No Up-Front Cost to You), Audio Vinyl Manufacturing & Distribution (Drop Shipping Solution at No Up-Front Cost to You), Designing of Custom Website, Electronic Press Kit (EPK) Design, Logo Design & Branding  Lyric Transcriptions, Press Release Design, Registering, Cataloguing, Updating & Managing, International Royalty Collections Agency (Songtrust/ Harry Fox Agency), Registering, Cataloguing, Updating & Managing, Mechanical Rights Services (Audiam, Music Reports, etc.), Registering, Cataloguing, Updating & Managing, Non-Interactive Agencies (SoundExchange), Registering, Cataloguing, Updating & Managing, Performing Rights Organization (PRO) (ASCAP, BMI, PRS, etc.), Social Media Management & Growth Services (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Soundcloud Account Creation, Soundcloud Catalog Upload, T Shirt Manufacturing & Distribution (Drop Shipping Solution at No Up-Front Cost to You), Update Streaming Service Profiles (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.), Video & Visualizer Editing & Publishing.